Trial Academy, July 1, 2017

On the 4th Saturday of the Trial Academy, the program started with a simulation of a courtroom scene of an initial hearing of a special proceeding for change of name. This was to demonstrate to new lawyers the proper decorum in the courtroom.

After the courtroom scene role plays, IBP Cebu Vice President Ria Espina presided over the discussion on “the Promises and Pitfalls of Establishing a Law Firm”. Among the speakers for the round-table discussion were former Vice President of IBP Cebu, Atty. Reuel Pintor and Atty. Joselito “Boy” Alo.

The speakers shared how they started their law firms. They discussed several factors to consider when establishing your firm including rental fees, salaries of staff and proximity of the law office to the courts, government offices and business establishments.

The third part of the program was an ice breaker activity that divided the body into two groups. The participants were asked to correctly paste on the board the numerous grounds for objection as to substance and form.

Atty. Labrado continued his discussion on “Unlocking Difficulties in Trial Advocacy”. He shared some techniques on how to conduct a direct examination in case the opposing party in a criminal case objects on the use of the Judicial Affidavit.